Horse Show 
High School & Liberty 

Before being a man of liberty, Gari Zoher is a devotee of Equestrian Art, always in research of technical purity and beauty whether in High School tricks or in a circle at kanter.
With his 5 stallions, he meets the challenge of the great liberty.He take off bridle to let express their nobility and their hight intelligence through complex High School tricks and audacious chaining.
A worlwide unique exploit wich he reaches with hours of patience and work, a great complicity and a subtle communication.
Piaf, passage, tempi change, rearing : horses whirl, intersect, meet and place quietly together. This original choreography will bring you a whirlwind of feelings for a timeless moment.

 Riding on one, Gari Zoher make move the 4 others stallions in high school air and technical chaining and tricks. This show lasts about twenty minutes. It can be decompose in several parts and modify according wishes and needs of the event.


 Hop Top Show Equitana 2017 - Crinières d'Or Cheval Passion 2017 -  Nacht der Pferd Hanovre 2016 - Salon du Cheval d'El Jadida Maroc 2016 - Fatacil Portugal 2016 - Saintes Maries de la Mer 2016 - Equita'Lyon 2015 - Haras de la Cense 2015 - Coupe des Nations CSIO 5* Sopot Pologne 2015 - Cordobà 2015 - Equitana 2015 - Crinières d'Or 2014