Gari Zoher in a few words

His passion for horses was born when still child, him Looked "at My secrets of training" with Mario Luraschi at the television. In his 10ans he begins to live and to ride at the rate of the from the Camargue traditions. Then, in parallel of the school, he begins to buy and to raise horses with the desire to learn always and still. His tub in pocket he preferred to leave its studies and to leave learning in Portugal with most great masters. 
 Of return in France and fort of his expérieuce, he crosses Portugal and Spain in search of the best horses and the mares with which he establishes his breeding, raise and sell in France and in Europe.
 In parallel and during 3 years, he is an art director of a big North American production. He is in charge of selecting and of raising the set of the horses of the show and of training the artists. 
 In 2013, he begins the activity of equestrian show by creating and by presenting to Golden manes his number High School and freedom with his three standards.
 Today, he lives his passion under all his sewings: he measures Portugal in search of rare pearls, he experiments the alliances that he presumes the best by raising foals, he spends hours in his merry-go-round or in the big spaces with horses to cut the diamond in the stone then he lets the diamond reveal his incredible beauty on the tracks of show or more simply in front of people in search of the horse of their life.
 A life rich in simplicity with those of whom he feels the closest: horses.