The Lusitano horse

From a selection of centuries, the Lusitano horse was long called «the horse of kings».
 He is renowned for his slender shape, typical and expressive head, comfortable and balanced paces, natural ability to collect, keen mind, friendly personality and exceptional mental strenght.
 It belongs with the Arabian and Thorougbred to the warm blood races, which gives it an extraordinary sensitivity and responsiveness.These qualities make him available and agile in all kinds of learning.

Selected on criteria of functionality, the Lusitanian is a polyvalent horse: working riding, dressage, jumping, show, carriage, cow work , vaulting on line,...
 The breed has recognized champions in many disciplines:
- Jumping: Novilheiro with John Withaker. He won thirty events in his first year of competition.In 1983, he was England’s most award-winning horse and the fastest horse on the circuit.
 - Horse ball: A team with Lusitano was vice-champion of Europe in 1993, 1994 and 1995.
 - Carriage: the world champion Félix-Marie Brasseur and his team of 4 Lusitano.
 -Dressage: Catherine Henriquet and Orphée, Daniel Pinto and Galopin de la Font, Juan Antonio Jimenez and Guizo, Maria Caetano and , Arnaud Serre and Robinson
 - Show and cinema: Lorenzo, Mario Lurashi, Bartabas,....