Our philosophy


« Horseman rider since an early age, the requirements of my job have led me to select horses according to strict criteria: functionality, sensitivity, kindness.
 Based on my experience, I have explore the most prestigious Portuguese stud farm where exceptional bloodlines are concentrated to select my stallions and mares.”

Education and dressage

We have developed an innovative concept that mixes ethology and equestrian arts according to the principles of classical dressage. Our priority is mental well-being (respect of physiological needs) and physical well-being of horses (strengthen and stylize natural abilities in accordance with biomechanical rules)

In the early years of their lives, we observe our foals for their natural abilities. In their third spring, each horse benefits from an individualized education and training programme according to its character, qualities and future activities.
 We are convinced that a well-educated horse with great bases of dressage, will become a conniving, voluntary and fulfilled partner and so a « happy » satisfied horse. Thus, we give a special attention to this part of their life.

Follow-up and accompaniement

Our goal is that each sale result a sustainable and evolving horse/rider combination, where everyone brings each other. According to your expectations and needs, we present you the or their horse the most appropriate to you and then we accompany you in the creation and evolution of the relationship with your horse.